The University of Arizona Health Sciences



  • To increase the number of pediatric pulmonary clinicians who practice in an interprofessional manner by providing interprofessional leadership training based on the Maternal and Child Health Leadership Competenices focused on the delivery of culturally effective, community-based, family-centered care for CYSHN with chronic respiratory diesease.

  • To recruit and retain culturally diverse faculty and trainees from racially, ethically, and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and other hardest to reach communities; and to promote cultural awareness and provide culturally sensitive educational materials.

  • To support community-based Maternal and Child Health practitioners and enhance regional approaches to improving systems of care and health outcomes through training events in communities and on-line technologies focusing on school personnel and health care providers.

  • To increase MCHB infrastructure by providing consultation, technical assistance, and continuing education regionally and nationally.

  • To maintain an exemplary family-centered care clinical and leadership program with MCH values that serves CYSHCN with chronic respiratory conditions utilizing family partnerships and supportive activities.