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Cystic Fibrosis Education Day

April 29, 2017

Available to view with a password.  Please contact Lisa Rascon, MEd at 520-626-1567.


Asthma Education for School Personnel
4th Annual School Healthcare Conference
June 9, 2012

Introduction, Cori Daines, MD/Weighing In, Marcus Johnson, MPH Candidate
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Integrative Medicine in Pediatrics, John Mark, MD
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Concussion: Diagnosis and Management for the High School Athlete, Holly McNulty, MD
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Breakout Sessions

Exercise-Induced Asthma, John Mark, MD for Mark Brown, MD
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Life Course Theory, Patty Settle, MS, RD »
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Ventilators, Cori Daines, MD
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Asthma in Schools, Rachel Lawler, RN, MSN, cPNP, AE-C
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Adolescent Medicine, Richard Wahl, MD
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Dealing with Difficult Parents, Sarah Hamill Skoch, Ph.D and Mary McGuire, MSW
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My Chest Hurts & I passed Out, Ryan Johnson, MD
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Asthma Education for School Personnel Conference 

Welcome & Review of Asthma, Roni Grad, MD

Asthma Programs in Schools: Case Study, Lynn Gerald, PhD, MSPH

Delivery Devices: Joanne Douthit, RN, MN, CPN

Panel Discussion

Asthma & Sleep: Kristen Archbold, Ph.D, RN

Parent's Prespective on Asthmatic Children & School, Donna Bryson, RN

Asthma & Psychosocial Issues, Part 1, Vanessa Marrero, LSGW

Asthma & Psychosocial Issues, Part 2, Vanessa Marrero, LSGW

Resources in Arizona, Robert Kemp, MSW

Summary & Acknowledgements, Roni Grad, MD

Child Protective Services Conference

Sexual Abuse

Medical Evaluation of Child Abuse


Non-Accidental Head Injury-Part 1

Non-Accidental Heald Injury-Part 2

Shaken Baby Syndrome


Soft Tissue Injuries


Pediatric Health Care Issues Conference

Welcome: Mark Brown, MD

Cystic Fibrosis: Mark Brown, MD

Behavioral Issues: Joe Patterson, PhD

Update on Child Abuse Reporting: Caroline Tompkins, EdD

Food Allergies: Michael Daines, MD

Sleep Disorders: Kristen Archbold, RN, PhD

Pediatric Diabetes: Mark Wheeler, MD

Asthma: Roni Grad, MD & Lynn Gerald, PhD