Ashlee Kennedy


Ashlee Kennedy Traineeship Year:


I did my traineeship with the Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC) as a Masters Social Work student with a Policy, Administration, and Community Planning (PAC) concentration. The PPC traineeship was such a great opportunity because I was able to tailor my experience to my goals. As macro social work students many, if not all, of my peers were unable to practice their clinical skills in their internships. Due to the requirements set forth by the PPC grant, clinical hours working directly with patients and their families were built into the program. I was able to get invaluable practice, which will put me ahead of my peers in the field. During my time at the PPC, I developed a needs assessment that reached families not only across the United States, but abroad as well. I gained experience getting IRB approval to conduct my needs assessment, which will benefit me in future research endeavors. Arguably, one of the best things about the PPC is the focus on leadership. After my needs assessment was complete, I disseminated the information to the interdisciplinary team and received crucial feedback for future work. The PPC has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in ways I did not think possible at this point in my career. I was able to participate in Quality Improvement meetings, projects, and conferences. I truly enjoyed working with an interdisciplinary team filled with experts that were dedicated, not only to the work that they do with patients, but to trainee learning as well.

Presentations and Projects