Current Trainees

Profile Picture of Jared Azares

Jerred Azares

Jerred is a PharmD student at the University of Arizona, having previously earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry. With a deep interest in pediatric pharmacy, Jerred seeks to combine his pharmaceutical interest with his love for caring for children. He envisions a future where he can provide holistic care while creating a welcoming and supportive environment for young patients and their loved ones. In his free time, he loves to spend time with friends and family, explore the world, and try new food everywhere he goes.

Photo of Aisha Chavez, PPC Nurse Trainee

Aisha Chavez

Aisha is a doctorate of pediatric nurse practitioner student at the University of Arizona, having previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and a first Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Learning and Memory. Aisha has a love for children and a passion for providing holistic care to children who are medically fragile and complex, as well as advocating for those in underserved populations. In the future, Aisha visualizes a practice where she provides individualized, comprehensive care to her patients and families, and can integrate the knowledge of social justice into her practice to better understand her patients and the community they live in. In her free time, she loves playing the piano, rock climbing, hiking, painting, and trying out new food places.

John Paul (JP) Jarczyk, MD, FAAP

John Paul (JP) Jarczyk, MD, FAAP is currently a Pediatric Pulmonology Fellow at University of Arizona College of Medicine Tucson. He worked the previous 5 years as a general pediatrician at El Rio Community Health Center in Tucson. He completed both his medical degree and pediatric residency at UACOM – Tucson.


Photo of Ariel Law, Nutrition PPC Trainee

Ariel Law

PPC Nutrition Trainee

Ariel Law is currently a graduate student at University of Arizona earning a Master’s in Applied Nutrition. Ariel often enjoys spending time learning and understanding how to embrace different cultures and cuisines by cooking their food, traveling to different countries, vlogging the experience along with listening to different types of music from different cultures. She loves how the concept of food and nutrition embraces all aspects of cultures bringing the world together. Ariel hopes to one day become a pediatric dietitian and bring more awareness to nutrition education for children and families in the medicine field.

Breanna Romero, PPC Social Work Trainee

Breanna Romero

Breanna received her bachelor's of social work from Arizona State University. She is currently a graduate student at Arizona State studying social work with a concentration in direct practice. Breanna has a background in program evaluation research and case management. She loves to play golf with her family and friends and spend time with her cat.