David Seto

Pharmacy Trainee

David Seto Traineeship Year:

David studied Pharmacy at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, graduated in 2019.  David completed his first year of residency training at Valleywise Health (formerly Maricopa Integrated Health System) in Phoenix Arizona.  On his free time, David enjoys spending time with family, trying new food, and road trips.


  • PharmD


     As a Postgraduate Year 2 (PGY2) Pediatric Pharmacy Resident trainee, my primary goal was to develop clinical knowledge to prepare for a career in pediatric pulmonary medicine.  The PPC traineeship helped me achieve my goals and provided me with additional opportunities that I would otherwise not have if I did not complete this traineeship.  

     I gained valuable experiences in all aspects of pediatric pulmonary medicine while working under the guidance of a multidisciplinary faculty.  During my time as a PPC trainee, I had many opportunities to interact with various professions, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians, social workers, psychologists, patient/family advocates, and other pharmacy professionals (e.g., pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technician).  These interactions highlighted the importance of an interprofessional approach to patient care.  The close relationships with other disciplines helped me better understand everyone’s role in healthcare.  Moreover, I participated in patient care activities (both direct and indirect) to learn how shared decision-making between various health care disciplines, patients, and caregivers can improve patient outcomes.  The emphasis on patient-family-centered care helped me learn that high-quality patient care goes beyond the application of clinical guidelines.  

     In all, my training as a PPC trainee has provided me with a solid foundational knowledge of pediatric pharmacotherapy that allows me to provide evidence-based patient care in interdisciplinary environments.  The combined didactic, clinical (acute and ambulatory), leadership, and research training centered around care for children with special health care needs and medical complexity related to pulmonary medicine will help prepare me for my future career.  Additionally, I have gained transferrable skills (e.g., leadership, research) that I can apply in my future professional endeavors.  

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