Karlyn Kelly

Former Nutrition Trainee

Traineeship Year:

Karlyn Kelly received her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science with a Dietetics  emphasis and a Professional Science Masters in Applied Nutrition with an emphasis on Dietetics, both from The University of Arizona. She completed her long-term training with the Pediatric Pulmonary  Center. As a dietitian, she plans to serve her community by  helping to provide services and resources to disadvantaged  populations. Karlyn is originally from Tucson but has traveled extensively with a previous career as a flight attendant. She still has an enthusiasm for exploring new locations and  experiencing  new  things.  


  • BS
  • MS


Joining the PPC was the best decision I made! Being part of the traineeship amplified my experience throughout my academics and internship rotations. At the beginning of the traineeship, we were able to attend a leadership workshop that taught me skills and provided tools that I utilized in all aspects of my life and significantly enhanced my professional, peer, and personal relationships, and built the confidence needed to take on all of the other undertakings I committed myself to.

For my clinical hours for the traineeship, I had the privilege to attend a few different pediatric clinics run by Dr. Daines. This exposed me to different conditions and diagnoses and provided me with the opportunity to employ the practical application of existing knowledge and do continuous research to expand my personal understanding. A majority of my clinic hours were spent with the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic. Before joining the PPC, I did not understand CF well, as I had only read a few chapters about it in a textbook in undergrad. By the end of the academic year, I found myself educating other working professionals, providing medical advancement news, and fielding misinformation within the medical community regarding CF.

This program has an emphasis on interdisciplinary care and the importance of an interdisciplinary team. My fellow trainees from other disciplines were amazing. I witnessed how our specialties considerably overlap and the significant differences between approaches when you only look at it from one specialty lens.

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