Stephanie Bradshaw


Stephanie Bradshaw Traineeship Year:


I first heard of the Pediatric Pulmonary Center traineeship program while I was in my dietetic internship program when Sheri Chen, the 2017-2018 Nutrition Trainee, presented on her project and talked about the PPC to our internship cohort. After hearing about the program, I became incredibly interested in developing a better understanding of cystic fibrosis, the complexity of care, as well as pediatric nutrition support in the clinical setting. Prior to beginning the PPC, I attained my Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) credential and began working as a pediatric dietitian in a community health center at the same time the traineeship began. Even though I had very little professional experience, I felt this was a very good fit for me, as I have always wanted to specialize in pediatrics. I thoroughly enjoyed working in the CF Clinic. All of the PPC faculty were amazing. I truly feel honored to have had this opportunity, as it provided me with exposure and experience in working with a population that requires highly specialized care. Much of what I learned during this traineeship program has boosted my confidence in my ability to care for populations of special need. In my work as a pediatric dietitian, I have had the opportunity to work with CF clinic patients as well as children that I have seen during shadowing opportunities in some of the other specialty clinics, in my home clinic. I never considered that I would get to provide an extension of care to some of these families; for me, this is one of the most rewarding outcomes. Besides CF clinic, the PPC provided me with extensive training opportunities. I got to attend leadership workshops; the PPC Annual Conference, which was held in Tucson this year; Making Lifelong Connections; and attend a border tour in Nogales, Mexico. They have not only invested in me to complete MCH program training but have also supported professional development opportunities, outside of the program. Each of these opportunities has allowed me to step out of my box, network, and meet new people. During the traineeship we are required to complete a capstone project. I was invited to work on a survey study with a pharmacy trainee. Working together on a multidisciplinary research project was a challenging yet rewarding experience. We researched and developed our survey, submitted to IRB, and are now in the process of analysis. This study will give us insight to alternative treatment methods that patients with CF are using. Making Lifelong Connections was held in Madison, Wisconsin. During this meeting, there were many opportunities to network with other trainees and former trainees. I presented on my capstone project during the poster sessions. It was interesting to hear about the work others are doing in the area of maternal and child health, as well. I was unaware of how expansive the MCH programming was. It was inspiring and motivating to meet individuals from so many different areas of expertise as well as all of the different training programs coming together, collaborating, and sharing their experiences. Everyone who attended seemed very committed to promoting their cause and were supportive to others doing similar work. Overall I have grown tremendously professionally and personally. I knew accepting the PPC traineeship would be challenging, but it has also been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. It certainly has provided me with an invaluable experience that I will take with me always.

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