PPC Training Programs

Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Training

The University of Arizona’s Pediatric Pulmonary Center (PPC) provides intensive interdisciplinary training for those in health-related fields who want to care for children who have chronic pulmonary diseases -- such as asthma, neuromuscular diseases, and cystic fibrosis.

We offer a dynamic training program, 1-2 years in length, for select graduate-level students in the fields of medicine, nursing, nutrition, social work, and pharmacy. Under the guidance of a multidisciplinary faculty of health care professionals, PPC Trainees participate in:

  • Weekly lectures on child and maternal health topics
  • Skills development workshops
  • Interdisciplinary clinical care experience
  • Research projects
  • One-on-one supervision with program faculty
  • Opportunities to present at professional conferences

Our goal is to develop practitioners with the knowledge and skills for being leaders in a culturally-sensitive, family centered team-based approach to children’s health.

Long-term PPC trainees are required to complete at least 300 hours of combined didactic, clinical and leadership training work over 1-2 years. In most circumstances, trainees are provided stipend support and funding to attend a national conference. Less intensive medium-term traineeships being between 40 and 299 hours are also available.

Traineeships typically begin in August of each year; individualized traineeships with flexible start and end dates are also possible.

Training Programs are available in the following: